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I often get asked how I learned the trade – hut building. I joke that it started building a bird table at primary school, graduated onto a chicken house or two, then before I knew it I was building huts for an AirBnB-based glamping business (Aber Farm Shepherds Huts, in Talybont-on-Usk, Brecon Beacons, Wales – a fantastic little spot for an escape), before ending up where I am now, as ‘Hut Builder UK’.

I’ve always enjoyed living in small spaces: from days spent living on a ledge on a granite cliff in Yosemite, California; squeezing 3 people in to a 2-person tent in the Alps; 5 of us in a 2-berth caravan; even my cottage is tiny. The things I’ve learned along the way play their part in my hut designs; quirky American huts, cosy Alpine cottages, Norwegian log-cabins. You quickly work out what you need, and what you don’t.
Nothing beats an ‘off-grid’, back-to-basics escape from the daily routine of modern life, kicking back in front of a fire – everything seems simpler and the stresses just melt away. The Danish might have given it a name, ‘hygge’, but as a concept it’s probably been around for 400,000 years when early humans first controlled fire. They just didn’t realise at the time, but it was a great way to get away from those work emails and spend some time in nature. And so came the idea of the ‘Hygge Hut’. A cosy, Danish-inspired cabin on wheels. The perfect blend of modern and vintage; a Windysmithy woodburning stove, Dometic sink and gas hob, solar panel, LED lighting and USB charger. And the best thing? The ‘Hygge Hut’ is looking for an owner, someone with the right space to make the most of this truly unique glamping hut.

Price delivered to the mainland UK, £12,500.

Inspiration for my projects can come from anything. I love the process of working with a customer to develop an idea that will work for them. My most recent project was a replica Railway Guards Carriage which blends in perfectly with its’ surroundings – Victorian Railway workers’ houses. We started out thinking about a shepherd’s hut, the idea got tweaked and before long we were studying the intricacies of a scale model of a GWR guards van. After sketching plans and some enthusiastic nods, the build was underway.

If you’re interested in working with Hut Builder to create a unique space for your glamping business, please get in touch.
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